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badge-300wide.jpgLaw enforcement agencies throughout the world have long recognized the value of properly trained police service dogs. The police K-9, due to its strength, agility, courage, and amazing olfactory capabilities can be utilized to assist law enforcement in various tasks in a more thorough and efficient manner, and can be instrumental in achieving the objectives and missions of the law enforcement agency.

The ability of the police K-9 to locate concealed narcotics contraband rests, in part, in the dog's amazing olfactory (sense of smell) capability. The dogs are trained to search boxes, rooms, yards, automobiles, and any other locations where there is likelihood someone may have concealed narcotics contraband.

The Craig Police Department police service dog has been trained and is certified to detect the presence of marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine.

thunder.jpgK-9 Thunder, is a Labrador, a breed with intelligence, strength and loyalty. The dog underwent extensive training with its handler, Corporal Alvin Luker. The team is certified in narcotics detection and tracking, including:

  • Track and find wanted criminals or missing persons in urban, rural or rugged wooded areas; search for evidence or property connected with a crime;¬†
  • Search for illegal drugs that have been hidden;¬†
  • Provide high profile foot patrols of places such as schools, shopping complexes and parks.

The Craig Police Department K-9 Unit frequently provides demonstrations to the public (generally schools and benevolent organizations), which showcase many of the units' capabilities.

Bear Creek Animal Hospital provides all medical care for our dog.

Contact Information: Corporal Alvin Luker