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800 West First Street, Suite #300
Craig, Colorado 81625
Phone: 970-826-2360
Fax: 970-824-5706


Craig Police Department
800 West First Street, Suite #300
Craig, Colorado 81625

Phone:  970-826-2360

Fax: 970-824-5706

 E-Mail Addresses:  Administration, Investigations, Records,
Animal Control, and Code Enforcement


Chief Jerry DeLong

Captain Bill Leonard



Investigations Sergeant- Vacant

Investigator Norm Rimmer nrimmer@craigpolice.org 
DV/Sex Assault Investigator Michael Cochran mcochran@craigpolice.org
 Investigator/School Resource Officer Ryan Fritz rfritz@craigpolice.org 
 Investigator/School Resource Officer Nathan Businger nbusinger@craigpolice.org  
Evidence Tech Blake Abdella babdella@craigpolice.org
Records Manager Dixie Beck dbeck@craigpolice.org
Records Clerk Terrianne Wheeler tlwheeler@craigpolice.org 
Community Service Officer Jill Nelson jnelson@craigpolice.org
Community Service Officer Josh Wright jwright@craigpolice.org 


Patrol Officer E-Mail:  

Due to the nature of Patrol, officers are often out of the office and
unavailable  to take telephone calls.  If you need to contact
an officer regarding your case, you may want to e-mail the officer
directly with questions or information.


Patrol Personnel 

E-Mail Address


Sergeant Tony Fandel afandel@craigpolice.org
Sergeant Corey Wagner cwagner@craigpolice.org
Sergeant Marvin Cameron mcameron@craigpolice.org


Corporal Grant Laehr glaehr@craigpolice.org
Corporal Will Roland wroland@craigpolice.org
Corporal Mike Edwards medwards@craigpolice.org
Officer Jeff Bond jbond@craigpolice.org
Officer Izauro Gonzalez igonzalez@craigpolice.org
Officer Jessey Kennell jkennell@craigpolice.org
Officer Josh Lyons jlyons@craigpolice.org
Officer Tracy Mendoza tmendoza@craigpolice.org
Officer John Meyers jmeyers@craigpolice.org
 Officer - Vacant